I offer short- and long-term adult psychodynamic counselling and psychotherapy. In addition to private practice, I work as a psychotherapist in the NHS, and I have worked in London community mental health support (Mind) for several years.

I aim to create a non-judgemental and collaborative relationship that facilitates self-understanding.  Psychotherapy is a way for us to think together about your past and its impact on your present thoughts and actions. If we leave past experiences un-examined, we often find ourselves repeating painful and difficult ways of being in the present. By supporting you to speak freely, and by listening, I can help you better understand and work through your experiences, transforming their effects. Psychotherapy should be a challenging but rewarding process where we gain greater agency and satisfaction in our lives.

My main areas are anxiety, depression and relationship difficulties. I am also experienced working with trauma/complex-PTSD, social isolation, questions of sexuality and gender, as well as problems with work and creativity.

In my practice I enjoy working with people from a wide range of backgrounds, ages, and states of health. I have worked extensively in LGBTQ+ mental health support and with community-specific issues such as familial alienation, coming out, and intimacy. I am also experienced working with university students and people in late life. 

I bring an academic background in psychosocial research to my work, and this is complemented by my training in group analysis.  I am aware that many people are cautious or even suspicious of psychotherapy, and I take the significance of our social circumstances (such as class, race and gender) seriously in my approach.

The relationship between you and your therapist is important and I recommend meeting before making any commitment.  We can make an appointment for an initial consultation and discuss how we might best work together.